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Winner of the Swansea Poetry Slam 2016 and Hammer&Tongue Slam at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

She’s like getting hit by a lightning bolt of LIFE– Adam Walton BBC Radio

Sybil in Delphi and the High Priestess of Hip. Some of her poetry had an offbeat spirituality to it, reminding me of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl. A wonderful mix of psychedelic stream of consciousness, urban punk, post-beat poetry, psycho-metaphysics with a bit of Zen thrown in for good fun. A lexical ensemble of wonderful diversity, shot through with eclectic imagery and electric metaphors: ‘nothing is supernatural when your mind is truly yours. – Michael Dante, Chinwag Poetry

Grounded and unbound, with as many vocal tones as there are corners of the soul, multi-instrumentalist and lyrical tour de force, Stephanie Finegan is an artist of effortless originality. She transcends acoustic singer-songwriter, electronica, hip hop and slam poetry seamlessly. Her art is an adventure through the forest of the heart.

Currently locked in an attic making noise live in a box and creating new work. Her work is available to buy & download here, take a wander through India in Bharat Mata or relax in the welsh wilds with her enchanting words in Esc//.