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MANCHESTER. THE STAR AND GARTER. SATURDAY 13th MAY. Doors: 5:30 pm :: £4 ADV :: £6 OTD ::

Cute Owl Promotions will bring together 6 truly unique & beautiful acts from all over UK utilizing various musical disciplines: from dirty electronic dance and house beats to saturated drone tones of passionate hurdy-gurdy, from sci-fi electronic sounds to soulful, transporting and addictive vocals, from mellow piano melodies to whirring synths, from paranoid lullabies to pop motives, radiator percussion and saw solos, from guitar based urban punk to dreamy ambient… flowing chimes, national award winning post-beat poetry, sexual and political themes and more. Discount advance tickets £4 available online from Skiddle and PFTP.

“Please do not miss the event of the year. This Saturday at The Troubadour we are hosting the Line-Up on our stage that will make you take pause….” The Troubadour London

“I found Cute owl to be an amazing mix of musical artists, poets and expressive talent. From unbelievably quirky deep dance vibes to stripped bare guitar and divine soul-searching vocals.”
– Kamran Dehghan

“What do you want from a music festival? Is it the tried and tested staple that you might get at a Donnington metal event. Or how about a dip and see smorgasbord, such as Glastonbury, where you’re not quite sure what’s about to enter your ears, but you’re open to it?”

Featured in THE SKINNY

♫ tAngerinecAt
Multi-instrumentalists Zheka and Paul, using field recordings, samples, vocals, hurdy-gurdy & whistles, finely craft progressive electronica/drone punk with dance beats, personal protest lyrics, sharp satirical imagery and a sweet sadomasochist vibe.
Formed in Ukraine in 2008 tAngerinecAt have four albums to date and performed hundreds of shows all over UK and Eastern Europe.

“Watch out for: tAngerinecAt. This is some of the most powerful music I have heard in a long time, and holds a message too. They manage a real art; creating sound which people enjoy; difficult to believe there were only two musicians on stage.”

“Tangerinecat exploded into my world and I’m a happier man for it! Awesome energy and multidisciplinary. Myself and the team at New Art Exchange really appreciated your work.”
– Jason Pollitt‎, NEW ART EXCHANGE

“Truly stunning performance. I really hope Instigate Arts and Tangerinecat get to work together again soon!”
– Anne Louise Kershaw, Co-Director/Owner at Instigate Arts, Former Arts & Music Editor at manchestersfinest.com

BBC 6 Recommended Artist by Tom Robinson

Website: http://www.tangerinecat.net/

♫ Radium 88
“Sad piano melodies, doses of doppler, electronic backdrops, house beats where they’re needed, and the heartache-laden voice of Jema Davies telling us stories. (hypnagogue)

“Paranoid lullabies and throbbing beats overlaid with transcendent vocals. Lush, complex and truly astounding” (the silverfish magazine)

Pretty…quirky…fascinating…excellent classically inspired string and piano…sombre ambient melodic washes…the beats are strong…(neo-zine)

Restful…ambient…bright beats…liveliness and drive…drifting soundscapes…will be appreciated by lovers of electronic music… (morpheusmusic.co.uk)

A killer mix of mellow piano lines, electronic beats and progressive whirring synths (leftlion.co.uk)

A beautiful piece of psychedelic, dreamy, and awe-inspiring art. (the silent ballet)

“I have no idea why this lot aren’t ruling the world” (sandman magazine)

Radium88 are Jema Davies (vocals, percussion, guitar, musical saw) and Tim Thwaites (instruments and production). They met in Nottingham UK, some time in the 90’s, bonding over a shared initial desire to make music that sounds the way William Gibson reads. Dense, quite dark, futuristic, richly textured, strange, yet with moments of humanity, hope and beauty. In 2004 or thereabouts they stopped playing live, gradually shedding punk and hip-hop influences, absorbing instead ambient electronic and classical influences and devoting their energies to recording a series of increasingly ambitious albums on their own Lotek Recordings label. These albums feature a wide range of live instrumentation in an electronic setting. They were well received critically, and a number of tracks were used to soundtrack TV programmes.
In 2016, following a contribution to a well-received compilation on the Disco Gecko label (curated by Banco de Gaia) – Strange-Eyed Constellations – they were offered the opportunity to release more material through Disco Gecko beginning with an EP in September – The Man Who Failed the Turing Test. This has been accompanied by a return to live performance.

Website: http://www.radium88.net/

♫ Cynthia’s Periscope
Weirdo pop varying from melodic and tender to brutal and cathartic. Wilfully provocative live performance.


♫ Emily Franklin
“Emily Franklin is a Nottingham based singer/songwriter who’s voice has been described as soulful, transporting and addictive. Her music combines blues, punk, folk and industrial with humorous, sexual and political themes, big beats and wailing guitar to form a live experience like no other.”

Website: https://www.facebook.com/emilyfranklinmusic

♫ Stephanie Finegan
As winner of the Swansea Poetry Slam 2016 and Hammer&Tongue Slam at Edinburgh Fringe last year, she performed at Albert Hall recently. Stephanie sang songs and read verse as though she was the Sybil in Delphi – the High Priestess of Hip. A wonderful mix of psychedelic stream of consciousness, urban punk, post-beat poetry, psycho-metaphysics with a bit of Zen thrown in for good fun. A lexical ensemble of wonderful diversity, shot through with eclectic imagery and electric metaphors.
“Rarely have I come across a composer-artist possessed of such energy accompanied by the most effortless originality. Stephanie Finegan transcends acoustic singer-songwriter, electronica, hip hop and slam poetry seamlessly, oozing creativity.”
– John Hywel Morris, PRS for Music Senior Membership Development Manager, Wales


♫ Mutabase
Cristi, alias Mutabase is a reflection on being an outsider who takes inspiration and consolation from galactic solitude, surrealism, Punk and Madonna.


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